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Container Shipping: Is Intermodal Transportation Suitable for Your Business?

by Gregorio Medina

The driver shortages and increased capacities that have hit the over-the-road (OTR) shipping sector have prompted businesses to find other means of transporting their shipment. Intermodal shipping allows the transportation of freight in an intermodal container. Intermodal containers can be transported using different modes, including trucks, planes, trains, and barges without offloading and reloading the cargo. They offer a more efficient and reliable option as compared to OTR shipping.

Are you thinking about switching to intermodal transportation, but are not sure whether it is ideal for your business? Read on to find out some of the benefits that you can derive from using this mode of transportation for your freight.

Reduced shipping costs

Businesses incur a lot of money on fuel when shipping freight using over-the-road transportation. Intermodal transportation allows business to explore other modes of transport that can offer savings on fuel. For instance, trains use less fuel compared to trucks; therefore, you can choose to have your cargo transported by rail for the most of the journey and use a truck later. You will end up saving much more on fuel as compared if you opted for long-haul trucking. Since fuel accounts for a significant portion of your shipping costs, you will end up making huge savings.

Reduced damages to freight

Direct handling of shipment as it is transferred from the shipping container to the truck can cause damage or compromise the quality of the shipment. However, with intermodal transportation, freight containers are utilised throughout the shipping process. Direct handling of cargo is eliminated as there is no offloading or reloading, and this reduces the incidences of damages. This mode of transportation gives you a peace of mind as you are assured that the shipment will be delivered in the same good condition it was in when it was packaged.

Reliability and convenience

Technological advancements in the intermodal shipping sector have made it possible for shippers to keep track of their shipment as they would when utilising OTR transportation. One can view the shipment status, track, and trace their shipment up to the moment that it is delivered to the business premises. These technological advancements have made intermodal shipping reliable, convenient, accurate, and an ideal option for all shippers.

Environmental sustainability

Intermodal transportation contributes environmental conservation. Since less fuel is used during transportation, shippers can reduce their carbon print, and this significantly reduces the emissions released into the atmosphere. It is an ideal shipping method, especially in an era where environmental sustainability is highly emphasised. Intermodal shipping can offer these and other benefits to your business, the economy, and the environment. Consult a reputed intermodal shipping company if you want to make the switch from OTR shipping.